Thursday, June 02, 2016

Cohort 12: End-of-year presentations

May 19 and 20 2016 were bittersweet days because we experienced our last OTAC and TIMAC presentations. In the following years these two academies will become one named Digital Leadership Academy. There are many exciting changes in store for the future participants, and in May 2016 we savored our time together and we celebrated our accomplishments and the end of an era.

This was the first time we used the newly acquired technology by our video department to live stream the presentations and record them on a YouTube Channel.

The presentations schedule and links to resources for a min-workshop about Digital Literacy are available on our wiki. 

Video recordings of presentation are on OTAN's YouTube Channel

TIMAC playlist  contains eight presentations.

OTAC playlist contains seven presentations.

Thank you to both TIMAC Cohort 12 and OTAC Version 5 participants for their enthusiasm, hard work and dedication. They are a source of inspiration for all of us.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Jaemi's Site reVisit with Elena and Mentee at Glenn Adult Program

Chromebooks, Odysseyware, and Mini Tech Presentations

Elena is working with mentee Phil on how to use a chromebook, google applications, and use of Odysseyware with HSE students.

Elena and Phil, TIMAC Mentee

Quick Look at Project Scope

Provide online instruction, teaching resources
Facilitate use of Odysseyware with high school diploma students
Introduce online Professional Development opportunities
Use of Green screen
Provide 2 mini tech trainings at faculty meetings

Jaemi's Site Visit with Tommie at Fresno Adult School

Dream What We Can Become And Rejoice

Fresno Adult School

Tommie is working on several TIMAC projects this semester - and they all showcase her skills, expertise and drive to bring technology into the lives of her students and colleagues at Fresno Adult School.

"Nothing can stop us teacher", says one of Tommie's new computer literacy students.  This comment was in response Tommie's worry that student attendance would be low on the first day of computer class due to a big storm that rolled in to Fresno.  The class started in early March, and on the first day, despite the weather, 28 students arrived ready to learn computer basics!  Tommie also has a few student volunteers to help in this class.  Students in the class are learning, computer literacy - strong emphasis on vocabulary, USA Learns, and North Star Digital Literacy program. There is a currently a waitlist for the computer literacy class.

Tommie's Classroom

Tommie has a fabulous classroom at Fresno Adult School.  It is welcoming, the walls are full of engaging posters, total participation-type assignments, English language learning tips, tricks and evidence of really great teaching!

USA Learns, Mentees and More...
Tommie is working with the USA Learns program and mentoring two ESL teachers to use this program with their students. Tommie's plan is to teach some of her more tech-savvy ESL students to provide support to students within her classroom and in her mentee's classrooms to use USA Learns program.   Tommie is also using Typing Club with her ESL students, issuing certificates for those that meet typing benchmarks.

Fresno Adult School's Policies & Procedures

It was great to visit with Tommie and hear what she is doing with students and colleagues to integrate technology into their programs at Fresno Adult School.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Cohort 12, Training Day 3, January 29, 2016

During our third day in person, we discussed technology integration aligned with Common Core standards. We considered how to deal with resistance and what evaluation tools fit our projects best. Finally, we explored the resources we have available this year under our Atomic Learning Subscriptions. Our notes are on our wiki. And we took photos.

Friday, January 08, 2016

Farzana's Site Visit with Eric at Rancho Santiago CCD, Centennial Education Center

I had a very productive meeting with Eric, his administrator and ESL department coordinators on my visit to Rancho Santiago CCD, Centennial Education Center. Along with Eric, Dr. Sergio Sotelo (Dean, Instruction & Student Services School of Continuing Education), Rob Jenkins (ESL Department Coordinator), Sheryl Lee (ESL Coordinator for Specialty Classes), and Susan Gaer (ESL Instructor and Appmazing Race Coordinator) were present at the meeting and they all welcomed me excitedly. Moreover, they were all prepared and ready to support Eric with his TIMAC project!
My Site Visit to Rancho Santiago CCD, Centennial Education Center

We had the meeting in Eric’s classroom and I noticed that his class is very well equipped with an interactive smart board, an iPad cart, a document camera, a desktop computer and a printer. It is a wish-come-true for many techie instructors.

Eric teaches ESL Intermediate and is very skilled in using technology for his classrooms. He has been assisting and mentoring instructors at Centennial Education Center on how to use laptops for classroom instruction and to access and use college online software applications. 

Eric’s original plan was to mentor instructors in Pronunciation Department. However, Eric found his two mentees through Appmazing Race that they had as part of their PLC at Centennial Education Center. I attended the race and was able to listen to the presentations given by different groups/departments. At the end of the race, I witnessed that the instructors were eager to be his mentees. 

Eric setting up schedules with his mentees  

Eric is very lucky to get support from his administrators for his TIMAC project. It was quite pleasing to hear during the meeting that they are willing to provide monetary incentives for Eric and his mentees for their time.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Branka’s Site Visit with Sue at Tamalpais Adult School

After driving along scenic Hwy 37 overlooking San Pablo Bay to the south, I arrived at Tamalpais Adult School to meet with Sue who arrived hours before here evening class was to start. It was a special day that December 8 2015 because the Chromebooks arrived and were set up by the districts’ IT staff.

We excitedly talked about the possibilities Google Apps for Educations open up to us. We shared a Google Doc and explored options for Google Sites to be the platform for Sue’s Web site.  There would be multiple training following in January and February 2016, both by OTAN and the TAM district’s professional development team.  All of the adult learners will be given a district google email which will enable them to interact effectively with their teachers and collaborate amongst themselves.

Jaemi joined us later in the afternoon and we got a visit from the very supportive principal, Corbett Elsen.

 Photos from site visit to Sue at Tamalpais Adult School in December 2015

On the way back, I was so very grateful for having access to modern technology, this time not for education, but for transportation. Thanks to the adaptive cruise-control in my vehicle, the long ride back in heavy traffic felt like a ‘breeze’.  I was very hopeful that Tamalpais Adult School teachers and learners will also benefit from integrating Chromebooks and Google Apps for Educations as their achieving of academic and personal goals feels like a ‘breeze’ too. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Farzana's Site Visit with Renee at Sweetwater UHSD Adult Education

Last year in December and  this year in January, I went to visit Renee Small and her principal Mr. Bernard Balanay at her Sweetwater UHSD Adult School. She came 4 hours before her evening class to meet with me and to discuss her TIMAC project. What a dedication and an effort!

Renee checking the specs, functions and features
of her new document camera and the wall mounted projector
Renee connecting her Surface tablet to the projector

Renee testing her new document camera
Renee teaches ESL classes in the evenings. Although I did not get to see her teaching, I was able to observe a few things in her class. Her classroom has several computers a long the wall and a sharp, fancy, big screen TV in the front of the class. All those computers in the class have several ESL software programs to provide extensive grammar practice as well as listening, reading, and writing activities. The smart TV which is capable of connecting with the internet, playing videos, audio recordings, YouTube videos, Picassa photos, and much more, is connected to her desktop computer.
Renee Small and Farzana Cassim in the Computer Lab

Before we sat down for a discussion of her TIMAC project, Renee gave me a tour of the Computer Lab which she takes her students regularly. Then she took me to meet with her principal Mr. Bernard Balanay. Mr. Balanay is a very supportive of Renee as he knows that she is very interested in incorporating technology in her classes. He sees potential in Renee and her ability to help others become more proficient and confident with classroom technology.

As a technology enthusiast, she is quite willing to commit to learn more classroom technology skills by utilizing the existing technology equipment in her class. As her TIMAC project, Renee wants to learn to use a document camera that her school provides to teach her two mentees and other colleagues. Her plan is to gain a solid skill and confidence using it to have a more dynamic and an interactive classroom.

Jaemi's Site Check-in with Tommie at Fresno Adult School

I had a check-in via phone with Tommie and Fresno Adult School Principal, Andre P. last Friday.  Tommie will focus on the lofty goal of increasing digital literacy among English Language Learners at Fresno Adult School in Spring 2016!  Her plan is to research and become familiar with Northstar Digital Literacy Project site and program to use with students at Fresno Adult School. 

Here is a little bit about the Northstar program:
The Northstar Digital Literacy Project defines basic skills needed to perform tasks on computers and online. The ability of adults to perform these tasks can be assessed through online, self-guided modules. Included are basic computer digital literacy standards and modules in nine main areas: Basic Computer Use, Internet, Windows Operating System, Mac OS, Email, Microsoft Word, Social Media, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint.  When individuals pass the assessments at approved sites, they can obtain the Northstar Digital Literacy Certificate. This provides a credential for employment. There is no cost to complete the online assessments.

I am looking forward to hearing about how things go at Fresno Adult School and how this program will be implemented with students.  It is certainly a hot topic in adult education!

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Branka’s Site Visit with Aaron at LAUSD DACE, Evans Community Adult School

What a fun day! I met Aaron in his morning Health Information Management class. This program introduces students to the language of healthcare (terminology), healthcare administration, customer relations, appointment scheduling, minor accounting, chart noting and correspondence, protected health information standards, phone etiquette, paper and electronic health records, insurance cover-age options, computerized billing and insurance coding through workplace simulations.  It is broken down in five courses:
  • HIT 1: Terminology
  • HIT 2: EHR & Fling
  • HIT 3: Insurance/Billing
  • HIT 4: Diagnostic Coding
  • HIT 5: Ambulatory Coding

Aaron skillfully differentiates instruction for learners who may be in any of the five given courses. In addition to group work, the learners tap into a variety of resources to learn independently including commercial software for medical coding, mobile app simulation for  ambulatory coding, and online courses Aaron created and maintains on, a Moodle server provided by OTAN.

In the afternoon I joined Aaron in his afternoon class at East Lost Angeles Skills Center where he teaches a combination of CET and ESL/ABE/ASE class, which falls under the description of contextualized instruction. What this means is that Aaron provides additional support to the ESL learners in his health information management class. Here is a video of Aaron providing that additional vocabulary explanation. 
From TIMAC Site Visit to Aaron at LAUSD DACE, Evans Service Center, 2015.11.03

In contextualized instruction, the primary objective is to teach the basic skills of reading, writing, or mathematics in the context of a specific subject area ‘for the purpose of meaningful application’. Perin, D (2011) – source

Aaron’s TIMAC plan is to support ESL, ABE and ASE teachers to infuse more technology in their classes by using the interactive whiteboards more frequently and efficiently while using the most relevant online resource. In collaboration with the administrator Dr. Cliff de Cordoba, Aaron, Farzana and a team of teachers will post relevant information and resources on the school’s Web site.