Thursday, May 10, 2007

TIMAC at CCAE State, May 3-5th, 2007

Wild About Adult Education was the name of this successful CCAE event. TIMAC’s Susan Guzzetta (Cohort 3) was among all the amazing volunteers who helped organize this conference. The list of TIMAC presenters and attendees is once again very long.

Elliot Jordan

Burbank Adult School

Cohort 3

Open Source Software for Education

An incredible variety of low or no-cost software now exists for use in education. Relatively unknown, legal, free, stable and highly useful applications are available. Thousands of Open-Source applications for many different purposes (Word Processing, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Graphics, Gaming/Entertainment, Language, Audio and Video & Business. We’ll focus on some of the more prominent current projects

Susan Coulter

Baldwin Park ACE

Cohort 2

Excel to Teach Budgeting, Charts and More

In this hands-on session you will get an introduction to Excel and learn how to perform some basic functions. You will also experience three different lesson activities appropriate for ESOL, ABE or High School, and receive handouts and instructions on how to do these lessons in class. This session is appropriate for those who are fairly new to Excel as well as those with more experience. By the end of the session you will be able to list basic functions in Excel, demonstrate the use of these basic functions through hands-on activities appropriate for ESOL, ABE, or High School., and utilize illustrated tutorials and worksheets provided in the presentation.

Tom Elwood, Josie Majul, Susan Guzzetta, Branka Marceta

Tulare AE, Alhambra AE, Fresno AS

Cohort 2, Cohort 2, Cohort 3

Technology Integration Mentor Academy - Panel

OTAN’s Technology Integration Mentor Academy supports the effective use of technology in classrooms by training site mentors to work with teachers on a variety of technology projects. Hear from the TIMAC Participants, and see project results including setting up new computer labs to developing and delivering staff training, and more.

Penny Pearson

Winterstein Adult School, OTAN Training Support

Cohort 2

Moodle – An Online Course Management System

Learn about OTAN Moodle, a new Course Management System online. The presenter will demonstrate some basic functions and features such as creating assignments, surveys, and participating in a discussion forum. This is an introduction to a versatile tool for teachers to establish online presence.

Lisa Moore, Jenny Casner

Vacaville Adult School - Solano SP

Cohort 3

Waking Up Correctional Education

This presentation encompasses developing technology in the restrictive prison environment, the road block encountered, and the avenues that we take to implement current technology trends in a population who is disadvantaged. Discussion will also include funding options related to rehabilitation and how the Smart Board is integrated into the classroom.

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