Monday, April 16, 2007

TIMAC @ CATESOL State in San Diego, April 12-14th 2007

In sunny San Diego once again, CATESOL’s 38th Annual Conference was a resounding success. TELL-IG (Technology Enhanced Language Learning Interest Group) and TIMAC members were very active presenting in 2 hands-on labs and 1 browsing room (which also served as a 3rd hands-on). These are some of the presentations:

Blair Roy, Devon Markert, Kristi Reyes, Branka Marceta

Garden Grove AS, Torrance AS, MiraCosta CC

Cohort 1, Cohort 2, Cohort 2

ESL Teachers as Technology Integration Mentors

Technology Integration Mentors engage in projects at their schools, working together with one or more fellow-teachers/mentees to effectively integrate technology in teaching and learning. Hear about their results: improved worksheets, successful use of slideshows, Web sites, interactive quizzes and videos, and overall renewed enthusiasm for technology in education.

Mia Reed, Lisa Palmer

Downey Adult School

Cohort 3

Interactive Whiteboards and the ESL Classroom

The presenter will demonstrate the interactive whiteboard is an engaging resource that provides excellent opportunities for student interaction with technology. Throughout the use of sound, video, images, the Internet and a touch screen, this medium will generate a high level of interest in the classroom.

Devon Markert, Karla Frizler Octavio, Gayle Hall, Lucia Hernandez, Chau Ling Lin, Billie Lee Langley

Torrance Adult School

Cohort 2

The T3 Project: Training Teachers to Use Technology

Torrance Adult School has established a mentoring program in which ESL teachers train their colleagues to use technology in the classroom. In this session, the panel will share successes and challenges, show examples, and lead audience participants to generate their own training plans. Handouts and a supplemental website also provided.

Kristi Reyes, Angela Webster

MiraCosta College

Cohort 2

Integrating Video Clips for Fluency–Building and Fun

Presenters will demonstrate how to integrate video clips into instruction to provide students with exposure to real language in use, opportunities to develop fluency, and the chance to have fun. Attendees will be shown examples of using video in a variety of ways for different levels and will be provided with a detailed handout.

Laurie Cozzolino, Nancy Hampson

San Diego Community College District

support mentor

IntegratingNutrition Education with Adult ESL Instruction

This workshop introduces instructors to the 24 ‘’Eating Well, Living Well’’ model nutrition lessons and other materials developed for beginning low/high and intermediate low/ high levels, all correlated to CASAS and EL Civics objectives. A CD with lessons and materials will be provided.

Jim Brice, Beth Bogage

San Diego Community College District

Cohort 1

Using Power Point for Speaking Practice

Participants will learn how to enhance traditional PowerPoint presentations by putting their students’ voices into presentations via sound files. Teachers will receive handouts with detailed, step by step, illustrated instructions on how to create sound files.

Diana Batista, Marian Thacher, OTAN

Simi Valley Adult School

Cohort 1

Create Your Lesson Plans Online!

If your lesson plans were online, your sub could download the plan for the day, and your supervisor would be impressed when you email the URL for your lesson plan. This workshop will demonstrate the free Online Lesson Plan Builder, and share experiences from some programs that are using it.

Tina Sander

Santa Cruz Adult School/ Alta Book Center Publishers

Cohort 1

Connecting Computers and ESL With the New Out & About

How can you effectively integrate computers into your curriculum? With the new book Out and About in the World of Computers! The author will demonstrate and give strategies for implementing a variety of the book’s computer-based activities that any teacher can easily do with beginning- to intermediate-level adults.

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