Monday, March 05, 2007

TIMAC @ CUE, March 1-3rd 2007

If you are techie, and have never been to CUE – you must go. It is a fantastic forum for learning and sharing about technology integration. Both TIMAC and TMN (Technology Mentor Network – a wider group of techie adult educators in California) had presence at CUE 2007. Some of the presenters were: Barry Bakin (TMN), Suzanne Ludlum (future Cohort 4), Francisca Wentworth (Cohort 1), and Fernanda Carrera (TIMAC Super-mentor). Other TIMAC members attending: Peggy Pinto (Cohort 3), Leila Rosemberg (Cohort 2), Blair Roy (Cohort 3), Ana Solomon (Cohort 1), and Kristi Reyes (Cohort 2).

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