Friday, November 30, 2007

TIMAC School Site Visits: Castro Valley Adult School

In my role as a ‘super mentor’ I visited Rebecca D’Harlingue and the adult learners in her advanced ESL class on November 15th 2007 at Castro Valley Adult School, In her role as a TIMAC mentor, Rebecca D’Harlingue will be working with a number of colleagues, ESL, ADP, Spanish Language and Medical Billing teachers, to help them implement a technology project of their choice within this school year. Rebecca herself is teaching in a technology-enhanced classroom with a ceiling-mounted data projector connected to her computer, DVD and VHS players, speakers, and to her new most favorite tool (in her own words) – a document camera. One of Rebecca’s colleagues/mentees, Elizabeth Gibb, teaches a beginning level ESL class. Her goal this year is to effectively incorporate the use of a PC tablet in combination with her technology-enhanced classroom setup. This tablet is wirelessly connected to the teacher’s station and can be circulated among learners who use a mouse or a tablet-pen to manipulate the objects projected on the big screen.

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