Friday, March 28, 2008

TIMAC Regional Meeting at the Santa Cruz Adult School

On Friday, March 21, Rebecca Ring rode her Harley while Hongyan Zheng drove over the Hill for the first time to met Tina Sander at the Santa Cruz Adult School.

After peeking into various classes and meeting the few people that hadn’t taken off for Spring Break yet, Rebecca, Hongyan, and Tina discussed their projects and shared some technology tips. Rebecca talked about how she is trying to get all of the teachers at the Monterey Adult School to bring their students to the computer class for the first time and she asked about Web sites and making Web sites. Hongyan shared some of her experience with video and audio recording and showed us the wonderful video that she created ( ). Taking occasional breaks to play concentration on Tina’s SmartBoard (in order to understand SmartBoards more), Rebecca, Hongyan, and Tina discussed how ambitious everyone was in the beginning by trying to work with seven groups of people or by taking every class to the lab multiple times while creating newsletters and putting on workshops. However, the reality of time limitations and unforeseen administrative or technological challenges made it more realistic for everyone to concentrate on fewer goals and only a few mentees.

Still optimistic and positive about their projects and mentees, Hongyan and Rebecca then shared some technology tips. Hongyan showed how to create a wikispace which Rebecca promptly signed up for. Rebecca brought a copy of SnagIt and showed how to capture screenshots.

Having plenty to think about and a clearer plan of their projects and presentation in May, the trio created a motorcycle, motorcycle, car parade to a local restaurant on the beach at the harbor. Enjoying the last rays of sunshine, the thundering of the ocean, the sneakiness of the seagulls, Rebecca, Hongyan, and Tina celebrated with Tacos and Fajitas and thoughts of how wonderful TIMAC is.

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