Tuesday, April 29, 2008

4th Meeting of the SUHSD TIMAC

On April 19th, the fourth meeting of the Shasta Union High School District's TIMAC met once again at the campus of North State Independence High School in Redding, California. Mr. Newell began the meeting by sharing his thoughts on his upcoming retirement and assuring all in attendance that he will continue to be involved in our district's TIMAC.

The conversation then turned into a spirited exchange of thoughts regarding this group's role in our district, citing a need for a proactive approach toward integrating relevant technology in our classrooms. This topic along with others only goes to show the level of passion and involvement by the members of this group.

Next the attention shifted to TIMAC member and Enterprise High School teacher Dave Peek, who gave in depth analysis of student usage on a course website. Having done this project for his Master's Thesis, Mr. Peek shared his data and experience which consisted of several years worth of research and implementation. The members had an opportunity to see what a well-designed class page looks like by browsing Mr. Peek's Biology website. Each person paid close attention to the site, especially since Starbucks gift cards were on the line if he/she could correctly answer questions about what they were looking at in an impromptu quiz.

After Mr. Peek spoke, TIMAC member and North State Independence High School teacher Laura Carlisle gave an overview to webquests, demystifying them and demonstrating how to appropriately create one. The group then had the opportunity to create one themselves based on his/her own discipline.

Justin Loh wrapped up the meeting by introducing Wikis to the group. After giving a brief introduction to them, the group was let loose to create their own free wiki. Synergy was taking place as mentees invited each other to work on each other's wiki. In addition, mentees began to see the possibilities of linking wikis to his/her own webpage.

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