Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Mia Reed's Great News - Sophia's Adoption is Final

Mia Reed on Tuesday, October 07, 2008 at 8:18 PM-0700 wrote:

Dear Friends and Family,

Our sincerest thanks to everyone on our journey towards our family and the process of adopting our beautiful daughter Eva. Your prayers, support, tears and love held us up and gave us strength each day. Looking back on the last 8 years of infertility, our beautiful foster son Jesse that went back to his grandfather, and the many other trials and tribulations, all of the struggle was worth this very moment in time as our beautiful daughter is now ours. She's officially a "REED" today, and we couldn't be more happy and excited. In a few of the pictures on the web you can get a little glimpse of what The day was like. The thing that struck us the most was when the judge said, She now has all the rights as a natural born child." The moment I stood on the platform to shake the judge's hand, the emotion came over me like a wave. A wave of relief, no one can take her away. A wave of peace, she's our daughter now and she'll know no different. And a wave of gratitude, thanking God for this beautiful gift. We love you, thank you, and look forward to a long and beautiful life with our precious daughter, Eva Sophia Reed.

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