Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Training Days 1 & 2, October 9 & 10, 2008

On Thursday, October 9 2008, Cohort 5 participants gathered for the first day of training at OTAN in Sacramento. This day focused on mentoring skills as Dr. Paul Porter held workshops on Mentoring Skills and SMART Goal Setting and Evaluation. Technology skills covered the first day included overview of Web 2.0 tools in the form of TIMAC blog, wiki and photo sharing. Another specific skill covered was the use of hyperlinking in Power Point to create Jeopardy-like activities to test learners understanding.

In the afternoon, Cohort 5 participants spent some time charting and drawing their road maps. [Follow the link to go to the Web photo album and see larger sizes].

On Friday, October 10 2008, Cohort 4 joined us for their second year of participation in TIMAC. Student Response Systems by Qwizdom were used as another way to implement evaluation of learner comprehension and skill attainment. Susan Gaer held a workshop for Cohort 4 titled Possibilities Fair, in which she presented projects such as learners exchanging Home Remedies and participating in Virtual Schools. Susan used the electronic whiteboard to show alphabetizing and matching activities. She showed examples of enhancing ESL lessons with PowerPoint. Finally - always on the lookout for new gadgets - Susan created a lot of buzz by introducing a mobility kit by Kingston that allows transfer of files from one’s cell phone to the computer to a portable audio player. The participants agreed that this offers many possibilities for the educational use of learners’ cell phones.
In another room, Cohort 5 tested a number of Web sites by creating projects and designing lesson plans around the tools offered – such as creating captioning and memory games with publicly shared photos, or using NPR’s This I Believe with ABE/GED and advanced ESL learners.
At the end of the day both groups met again in a workshop about Google Docs. They signed up for a Google account and practiced sharing online documents with each other. Everyone created a slide with text, photos, and even videos, to contribute to a joint online presentation.

Both Cohorts started their online project plans as they articulated what their technology integration mentoring project will be at their respective agencies. (This year 2 community based organizations, 4 community colleges, and 22 adult schools are taking part in TIMAC)

For more photos visit our online photo album.
For detailed info about our training visit our wiki.

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