Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Site visit with Annie Cho at The English Center, Oakland

November 25 2008

During my visit to The English Center in Oakland, Annie Cho’s learners were self-directed while working on their resumes in her computer skills class. They had already spent a significant amount of time in the preceding days and weeks brainstorming and creating on the content of their resumes with their ESL teachers. Now was the time to put that in a formal, presentable format. Annie gave feedback and pointed out the minor formatting issues by both looking at their individual printed resumes, and by projecting up a sample resume on the screen to go over the most common mistakes with the whole group. There are no discipline issues or lack of interest in this group, as this task is one of the most important and relevant ones we do in our adult education classes. Resumes they create are the first step towards getting jobs that will help pay bills, feed the family and ultimately accomplishing the personal and professional goals they have. And Annie is there to help. She teaches MS Office occupations to adult learners in the program, and she helps other teachers complement with computer activities the topics covered in class. Their school wide EL Civics topic this month is Immigrant Rights and Annie ties her computer skills objectives to this topic. The next assignment is for the learners to apply what they know about PowerPoint and to create a slide show presenting three rights of their choice and related examples.

For her TIMAC project Annie will be conducting a needs assessment survey to best gauge what technology topics the teachers at The English Center see as important. Then she’ll design her training around it. Her personal area of interest is using wikis for teacher and student reference and collaboration and she has already established a few and is working in building them up. She has also set up a class blog and taught her learners hot to set up their own.

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