Monday, March 02, 2009

So Cal Regional Meeting on Feb 27 2009

A group of over a dozen TIMACers from Cohort 4 & 5 met at Santa Ana School of Continuing Education for the March Regional meeting. Branka and Penny joined them from Sacramento via a video conference. We were particularly happy to see our alumni Mia Reed and Ryan de la Vega. Susan Gaer, the host, demonstrated how she uses Video Conferencing with her ABE students.

During the meeting they connected live with a teacher from Arkansas who told the group how her and Susan's students are meeting using this technology and working on a wiki collaboratively, while practicing their writing and reading skills. What is very fascinating aboout Angela Grenier, the English Teacher with Office of Distance Education at the Arkansas School of Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts, University of Arkansas system. - is that every day she teaches students who are 200 miles away from her. Video-conferencing technology makes it possible for learners in remote, rural areas to get the best quality teachers available.

If you'd like to see video-conferencing class in action - view a video of a recorded session on ODE Web site Scroll all the way down to the end of the page. Click on "Best Practices in Distance Learning Programming" Then click on " Link to Observe Examples of Instruction at ODE"

Below is a slideshow of photos from the meeting. Thank you to Shin and Katalin who posted them on the TIMAC Picasa Web Album.

What were some other topics you discussed during the meeting? Please post your comments bellow.

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