Friday, March 20, 2009

TIMAC Regional Meeting in Oakland on March 20

Peter, Annie, Rebecca, Francisca and Branka shared tips and tricks. One of them was how to do a 'phone-in podcast' by using Gcast. Here's an example. (Click on the word POSTS in the green square bellow, than click on the line Regional Meeting in Oakland)

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As we mentioned in our phone-in podcast, these are some of the cool techie tools we shared with each other.
  • Online videos
  1. ESL video - embed videos from other services and create quizzes
  2. Monkeysee and Videojug - experts talk about various topics
  3. TED - for teachers personal enrichment
  • Enhancements to embed into your blog, wiki, or Web site
  1. Google Calendar
  2. Free Quizzes
  3. Free Crossword puzzles
  • Have your students practice writing and conversation -G-chat
  • Francisca Wentworth's Web site - a treasure trove of useful Web sites for ESL and EL Civics
  • Have your students do a phone-in podcast
  1. Gcast

Thank you all for sharing.

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