Thursday, May 21, 2009

TIMAC Report Days on May 7 & 8 2009

There was a mixture of excitement and sadness woven into these two days. We were happy to see each other in person and hear what fruit our technology integration projects have born (to borrow the gardening metaphor Cindy Wislofsky used in her presentation). On the other hand, we were all sad because it was the end of our official training for both Cohorts. Everything you'd like to know about these two days from descriptions of projects, to Marian's intro and summary of the year, to two hands-on workshops on Open Source Software for Educators and Google Goodies, to photos, to (even) food recipes is on our wikispace page for May 09.

Thank you to Shin for taking photos, even when she did not feel like it, because we have a great gallery of the events from the two days.

As we all agreed, this is not the end. It's just the beginning of collaborations and sharing amongst the 75+ members of this community. Next year, we'll meet online in a series of open format online meetings to share what we are excited about, our challenges and our successes.

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