Monday, June 15, 2009

In Memoriam: Tom Elwood

Tom Elwood, Cohort 2 participant, passed away on May 28th, 2009 (Visalia Times Obituary).

At the age of 71, Tom had just started his retirement, when he got a stroke. He briefly recovered from it, but succumbed on May 28th.

In our TIMAC community Tom will be remembered as one of the most effective presenters when, in his end-of-year reports, he so poignantly described the poverty rate of the population that Tulare Adult Education School serves. Here's a link to video of Tom's presentation from May 2006.

During his two-year engagement in TIMAC, Tom has helped his fellow-teachers bring in more computers and educational software into their classrooms. He also participated in Pixley Connect a project of the Great Valley Center in partnership with the AT&T Foundation and Tulare Adult School, which has been described as an effort to narrow the digital divide in rural California. The Pixley Connect project brings telecommunication access, education and training to the underserved, predominantly Spanish-speaking community of Pixley, located in the Central Valley of California.

OTAN produced a video containing the interviews with the adult learners in this community, their teachers, and the representatives of all the organizations involved in this innovative and promising program. The video also documents the graduation ceremony of the first generation of graduates from Pixley Connect. Tom Elwood and his family helped OTAN organize and shoot the video.

Tom will be missed by his TIMAC community.

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