Thursday, April 29, 2010

TIMAC Alumni: Myrna Montenegro

During her online end-of-project presentation in May 2009 Myrna Montenegro, Cohort 4 participant teaching at that time at North Hollywood Polytechnic Community Adult School with LAUSC DACE, announced that she would be involved in a distance learning project where she was going to teach ESL to learners outside of US. Then she moved on to start her own consulting business. In her own words:

The "El Salvador Project" was set up and ran successfully, but had a short life due to ongoing internet~connection problems, being that it is located in a rural village away from any city.~ The project had 56 students with a smaller group still now showing up to the small lab on a regular basis to practice computer skills.

Now... I have begun a start-up business, "myWebEd", made up of a team of five consultants (including myself as CEO) and a pool of consultants as needed.~ We offer a list of services including:

Multimedia Web Design and Development

System Development / DataBase Expertise

Networking / Tech Support

Distance Learning: Web /On Site

Courses / Workshops: Web / On Site

Training: Web / On Site

Today, we are working on 6 websites for individuals and beginning a Pilot On Site Distance Learning Program and ESL Course for a Volunteers of America Head Start Program in North Hollywood.~ It is for the parents of the children attending. They plan to use this Pilot as a model to then implement the same at their other centers/agencies.

Go Myrna!

We are looking forward to updates.

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