Monday, June 28, 2010

TIMAC Alumni: Martha Rankin

In February, the Newport-Mesa School District – staring down a $13.5 million budget gap and more than 240 teacher positions at stake – anticipated dismantling much of its near $850,000 adult education program, leaving intact the high school diploma lab and GED programs next year. In the meantime, they re-instated a few ESL classes, too. You can read more about this at the adultedbudgetcuts wiki.

Martha Rankin, our Cohort 5 participant, is being re-assigned from adult ed to elementary.This e-mail message came in on Thursday, June 24, 2010:

My Friends,

Today is my last day as lead administrator at NMUSD Adult School. Today will also be our last day to “keep you posted” on our e-PLC blog

I have these simple but sincere words to share with my wonderful colleagues at NMUSD Adult School and throughout California Adult Education: Open Letter to our Community ~ Namaste



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Martha, Katlheen, Donna and Shin at TIMAC training in May 2009

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martha rankin said...

Hey Timac friends,

I am now a fourth grade teacher at Newport-Mesa USD. My kiddos and I started a writing blog. All of my kids are ELLs. The purpose is to get the kiddos inspired to write. If you have a chance, could you check out the blog...and maybe write them a comment. I'm trying to get them jazzed about writing and blogging!!!! How cool it would be to get comments from teachers up and down the state!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, friends.

Here's the writing blog URL: