Saturday, November 06, 2010

Blair's Site Visit with Michael Aaron at Beaumont Adult School

Mike’s school is located in the small community of Beaumont with an active student population. On the afternoon I visited Mike, he was busy teaching his afternoon pronunciation class in the computer lab. His students were welcoming and graciously allowed me to sit in on the class. Between Mike’s passion for the subject and the student’s attentiveness, it was a very dynamic lesson. Mike demonstrated correct pronunciation and assessed each student’s performance as they wrote on small white boards mounted on the walls around the classroom. The students never tired of this activity and only agreed to quit when Mike paired them up on the computers to use Reading Horizons to reinforce what he had been demonstrating.

After Mike’s class, he took me to his classroom where he explained more about his TIMAC project. His projects are centered around using FreeOnlineSurveys to create online surveys for their EL Civics units and self-assessment, and helping the teachers implement Skills Tutor with their students in the computer lab.

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