Friday, November 05, 2010

Blair's Site Visit with Michelle at Montgomery Adult School

I enjoyed my visit to Montgomery Adult School in San Deigo to visit Michelle Dullea greatly. Michelle met me in the parking lot with her great big smile. She gave me a brief tour of the campus, ending up in the classroom that is used for meetings and as the student computer lab. They have a cart of laptops with Internet access for student use. Michelle showed me one of the weather projects her ESL students had recently completed using Internet access to gather data. The students then used construction paper and colored pens to display collected information to complete their project.

Michelle introduced me to Mary Murphy-Clagett. Michelle and Mary will be working together in dual capacities; Michelle as Mary’s TIMAC mentor, and as OTAC (Online Teaching Academy) collaborators, as they are both part of that program. Michelle’s project involves creating a pilot program along with Mary for a "transitions" class preparing their students for the workforce, study skills, college prep, soft skills, and more.

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