Monday, November 22, 2010

Diane's Site Visit with Leif at Martinez Adult School

Hi everyone,

Today I had the pleasure of visiting Leif Williams at Martinez Adult School, where he has been working for over ten years. Leif divides his time between teaching ESL classes and acting as the ESL Department Chair. The school is situated in the Alhambra Valley in Martinez, and it was a beautiful fall day with lovely trees turning different colors. Martinez Adult School has many different Adult Education programs in addition to the ESL program there. It is also part of the local high school.

Leif and I were able to spend some time talking about his project plan. He is going to work with one mentee, Gretchen Lammers. Gretchen has worked at the school for over twenty years and until recently, was the acting Assistant Director of the school. Gretchen is now back in the classroom and has decided, after getting positive feedback from her students, that she would like to design a class website. She feels that it would be a potential way to help students stay in touch, network, keep up with class assignments, and provide a meeting place for students past and present. I spent some time with Leif and Gretchen talking about the possibilities of using Weebly and incorporating other tools and programs within one website. Gretchen was very enthusiastic about the project.

Later, Leif and I were able to look at his Project Plan and add a little information as well as getting more familiar with the other pages of the OTAN TIMAC site.

We also met with Leif's school director, Kathy Farwell. She was interested to hear more about the project plan and how that might lead to future teaching technology training at the school. All in all, it was a pleasant and productive site visit. Thanks Leif !

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