Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Diane's Site Visits with Sharon at Fremont Adult School and Teresa at Overfelt Adult Center

Hi everyone ! I had the pleasure to visit both Sharon Ram and Teresa Reen yesterday ! Sharon teaches at Fremont Adult School and I was able to observe her computer lab class from 12-1:15. She is doing great work in terms of having students at many different levels track what they are doing each day by keeping a record of scores of online exercises completed, as well as writing reports about News For You articles, creating resumes and many other activities. This is the best example I've seen of how to run an open-entry computer lab. She also has the students complete a weekly checklist of what they did and if completed, they receive a certificate at the end of the class ! I had the opportunity to meet her ESL coordinator, Yelena, who will also be one of her mentees, and her director, Brian. I'll try to add a few photos. We discussed her project, shared favorite new websites we've discovered, and she filled me in on the CUE conference in Napa. Thanks Sharon for a great visit !

Teresa is also doing amazing things at Overfelt Adult Center in East San Jose. She has about 8 mentees, I think, and will be starting her first training today going over how to use the DVD/VHS players, speakers and boom boxes that are in classrooms there. Later, she'll expand the focus to include using the computers, LCD projectors, document cameras and even Smart Boards. She has prepared some beautiful handouts to help teachers understand and remember the info. What is really impressive is that she has also included suggestions and examples for how to effectively integrate the technology into a lesson and has designed an assessment tool that she will give after each training that requires teachers to show how they will use this technology in a lesson. I also got to meet Teresa's director, which was a real pleasure. Teresa is working hard with the administration there to study how to offer professional development and technology integration and measure the results. I look forward to hearing about her results in May !

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