Thursday, November 04, 2010

Susan's Site Visit with Jesus at Delano Adult School

Site Visit - Jesse Gonzales, director of Delano Adult School, gave me a grand tour of his school. He is very excited about the advances in technology occurring since he transfered to the school three years ago. He not only changed the exterior by painting all the building and planting numerous rose trees, but he changed the school culture by creating professional learning communities. Everywhere you look, you see their slogan, “Knowledge is the key to Success,” on the buildings, in the classrooms, and in their newsletter to students.When he arrived, he found three SmartBoards that nobody knew how to use. He quickly came up with a makeshift setup and got one operational. Now, all three are actively used by teachers and students.

Jesse is starting his TIMAC project by mentoring Mr. Hernandez on PowerPoint. He choose Mr. Hernandez, an ESL teacher, because of his work ethic and his desire to learn. They meet every two weeks to go over PowerPoint. Jesse gives him a little homework assignment on PowerPoint, but Mr. Hernandez always goes so far beyond what is asked of him. Once they are ready they are going to include other teachers. They hope that by December they will be looking at as a host for their Web site which they will use as a repository for their PowerPoints and Internet links. They are also talking about embedding videos sometime in the future.

I was very impressed with their ABE/ASE computer lab. They have 35 computers running A+ software, which includes ABE, high school credit recovery, and CAHSEE prep. They also have another computer room next door to handle the overflow. Students work hard to earn apples on the A+ program and compete against one another for highest time on task which Ms. Hernandez posts daily on the board. It sometimes gets down to the seconds.

They also have a large business lab with compartmentalized work areas. They use the far end for student orientations and eCASAS testing. A PowerPoint presentation about the school is shown to new students and then they are immediately tested on CASAS. Jesse says this has greatly improved their Data Integrity reports.

Delano Adult School is actively integrating technology in their classrooms and they hope their TIMAC project will propel them further into the 21st century.

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