Thursday, November 25, 2010

Susan's Site Visit with Laura at Conejo Valley Adult School

Laura Cifuentes gave me a grand tour of her school. We started in the Computer lab, where she needed to coordinate the day's eCASAS testing and help get students started. There I met one of her mentees, Christine Schweers, who teaches ESL Beginning High, reading and grammar. I then visited Laura's classroom. They were installing a new air conditioning system, but Laura was able to show me her SmartBoard. She explained that every ESL classroom has a SmartBoard, document camera, and scanner, which they are very excited about.

The ESL Department has formed a professional learning community which meets every month. As a result of their meetings, they have identified the need for additional training on the SmartBoards. Blair Roy will be doing the training early in December, and teachers are excited about learning more.

We then visited the classroom of Karie Lynch, who teaches ESL Beginning Low, GED, and Social Studies. Karie is also one of Laura's mentees. Laura's TIMAC project is to help Christine and Karie set up class Web Sites for their classes. They will be meeting soon to research various Web hosting sites. Laura introduced me to Bette Empol, her ESL Coordinator, who is very supportive of her TIMAC project.

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