Saturday, November 27, 2010

Susan's Site Visit with Susan at Pasadena City College

Dr. Susan Briggs arranged a meeting with her mentees. There she introduced me to Allison, Veronik, Shannon, Jeff and Rachel. Bonnie, another mentee, was not able to attend. They are all ESL teachers. They shared their experience with technology in the classroom and discussed the TIMAC project. Susan will be assisting her six mentees in BlackBoard course development. The goal is for each mentee to develop their own BlackBoard course to supplement classroom instruction. They shared different ideas about BlackBoard and how they could use it to enhance instruction. Susan has a great group of mentees who are supportive of one another and seem to work well together as a collaborative learning community.

After the meeting, Susan gave me a grand tour of her campus. Our first stop was to the ESL Computer Lab followed by a visit to the beautiful quad area. We then visited a large computer lab during an ESL classroom visit. Pasadena City College has a Teacher Resource Room which includes computers, workspace and resources. Currently, the room is not used very much, but Susan hopes to increase teachers' use of the room. We visited one more computer lab where the teacher was preparing for CASAS testing. Our final mission was to find a Smart Cart. Since it is moved from classroom to classroom, it took some time to find. It was an enjoyable afternoon, and I not only got to see the campus but got to meet her mentees, too.

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