Monday, November 01, 2010

TIMAC at CCAE South Coast/Southern Section Joint Conference: Mission Possible

Hosted by Downey Adult School, this event brought toghether around 150 teachers, administrators and other adult ed staff. Debra Jones, State Director, Adult Education Office, gave an opening session, emphasing that our data does not reflect the good work with do and urging the CCAE members to give feedback on the new Strategic Plan and to volunteer to be on the implementation task-force.

Workshops included titles such as
  • ESL Transitions to Further Education and Workforce
  • Contextualizing Worksforce Skills in ABE/ASE Instruction
  • Using Moodle to Create a Course Web site
  • Startegies for Success: Developing Personal mission Statement
  • Supportive Learning Environments Improve Learener Persistence

Josephine Majul dedicated a significant amount of her time helping organize this conference.
Wayne Miyahara received a CALCO award for dedication to adult education field.
Peggy Pinto attended and supported her fellow TIMACers.

Josie, Wayne and Branka - TIMACers catching up

During Luncheon Keynote, Mike Wada, current CCAE State President, among other topics, shared the news that the actor, Edward James Olmos, offered to express his support for adult ed by making a public announcement.

The conference committee, in dark glasses and agent suits, kept the theme of "Mission Possible" strong by having all the agents/participant pledge that they accept the mission.


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