Friday, December 03, 2010

Blair's Site Visit with Sean at Jefferson Adult School

I recently had to pleasure of visiting Sean Abajian in South Los Angeles at Jefferson Adult School. The school was bustling with students of all ages as the daytime high school students were departing and the night adult students were arriving for their classes.

On the way to Sean’s office, he introduced me to his principal, Ann Reed, who praised Sean for all of his hard work. Ann is very enthusiastic that Sean is part of the TIMAC program. Sean then took me to his office where he fills his role as a part-time teacher advisor.

His enthusiasm was immediately felt as he started showing me all of his TIMAC projects! Sean has a variety of projects he is working on. He is creating a school website using WordPress, enhancing the site by incorporating Scribd and SlideShare. He is using and to create calendars for the community, teachers and students. He showed me the informational fliers with maps and pictures of class locations that he has created to distribute throughout the community. He plans to have a workshop to teach fellow teachers how to create fliers for their classes. He is also working with EPFC (Echo Park Film Center) Filmmobile to host a workshop to engage students in creating digital stories. To finish up our visit, Sean showed me his classroom and demonstrated some of the exciting ways he is using cell phones to teach his students. It was an informative and exciting visit with Sean.

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