Saturday, December 18, 2010

Susan's Site Visit with Ian at Torrance Adult School

I was delighted to visit Ian Batstone at Torrance Adult School. Ian showed me his huge ESL classroom. Every ESL classroom is equipped with a computer, ceiling mounted LCD projector, and a document camera.

Ian introduced me to his ESL Resource Teacher, Portia LaFerla. I heard she is the one behind technology integration at the school. She makes things happen. It was also Portia who convinced Ian to apply to TIMAC, and we’re glad she did.

Next we visited the school’s computer lab. The ESL classes are scheduled to use the lab once a week. Ian’s class is scheduled every Wednesday, however, he has found ways to use the lab a couple of times a week. While we were in the lab, Ian introduced me to his director, Dr. Wayne Diulio, who shared some innovative ideas he has for the adult school. He sees the need for technology integration, and he fully supports Ian and his TIMAC project.

Ian then introduced me to Meredith his mentee. She had been having a slight problem with her document camera, and Ian, a true TIMAC mentor, stepped in to help her. They shared their ideas for their project. They want to create a Web site that would serve as a repository for EL Civics resources for teachers. They also talked about creating a Web site for ESL students. They have some great ideas and are excited to get started.

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