Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Cohort 7 Training - Day 3

Teresa and Ian discussing their "Road Maps"
On Friday, January 21, 2011 TIMAC Cohort 7 participants attended Day 3 of TIMAC training in Sacramento.

The focus of Day 3 mentoring skills workshop was overcoming resistance as well as giving
effective feedback to mentees. Another topic covered was establishing evaluation tools to
document the progress and results of the technology integration projects undertaken this year.

During our face-to-face meeting that Friday, TIMAC participants finalized the articulation of
their project for this year and are ready to implement it in the next few months.

They will be given continued support by the support mentors and will meet with fellow TIMAC
participants in a regional meeting in March and online in April. In May they will present about
the project.

Mike enjoying sharing and learning in the lab
The technology skills workshop topic was Use of Audio in Adult Ed. In our December 2010 online meeting, it w as suggested that this was a topic of interest. We talked about Internet resources that already offer audio materials and tools applicable to adult education. Then we covered a few ways t o create one’s own audio files. Finally, we practiced using Google Voice – an emerging technology using Voice over the Internet Protocol (VOIP), speech-to-text and call
forwarding, among many ot her features – to create a tool that carries immense potential for

In the introductory activity that day we identified a number of areas where TIMACers need
additional support:
Leif working on his project plan
  • Time management tips
  • Grant/funding sources
  • Downloading videos and using videos in lessons
  • Weebly user group – a few projects this year have as their goal to create a Web site, and offers free server space for their basic plan and is relatively easy to use. Those TIMACers who are using this tool will meet in online user groups to support each other.

During our Day 3 meeting we also discussed Cohort 7 members’ participation in upcoming
conferences. One more goal of TIMAC is to have current participants attend and present at an
adult education conference. The hope is that, if agencies have the funds available, they will
consider sending the TIMAC participant at least one of the upcoming conferences:

SoCal folks leaving for the airport
On Friday, May 13 2011, we’ll get together in Sacramento for the last time to hear the final
by Cohort 7 TIMAC participants and their fellow Cohort 7 members.

more photos available on TIMAC's online photo album

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