Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Northern Regional Meeting for TIMAC, Cohort 7, Friday, April 1, 2011

The northern group had a good meeting at Diane Wallis’ place in San Francisco. They met from
about 12:30 to 5:30, and started with Diane’s delicious moussaka for lunch. She truly puts
‘super’ in “super mentor’. :)

Participants talked about where they were with their projects - Sharon participated via Skype,
and Leif, Teresa and Frances were there in person.
This is what Sharon saw on her monitor as she Skyped into the meeting. Pretty cool!

Later, they watched a few final presentations from the Cohort 3 DVD and looked at the handout
for the 5-7 minute TIMAC Oral Presentation PPT slide description. Diane also showed them her
PPT presentation from 2003 and explained again about attaching extra sound, video, or photo
files to a flash drive. They then experimented with PPT. Diane showed Leif how to take a short
video with a digital camera and insert into a PPT slide and also how to insert a URL link or
hyperlink into a slide. Teresa helped Frances with some basic PPT stuff.

At the end, Diane showed them vocaroo and they discussed working on how to isolate the audio
and download it so it can be attached as an audio file without opening up into a separate vocaroo
window. Diane also offered Frances to use her ipod and italk recorder to make audio files. They
may meet again to work on that.

Overall, everyone seems to be doing well with their projects - Diane reiterated to her Cohort 7
group that they don’t need to worry about not having everything completed in terms of their
projects - that it will most likely be an ongoing project for them and their school and that they
can focus their presentations on what they have accomplished thus far and in the coming month.

Everyone enjoyed meeting at Diane’s home as it gave them the opportunity to stay longer and be
a bit more relaxed.

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Teresa said...

It was a really productive meeting. Watching other's presentations was very helpful to me. We were able to help each other and give each other feedback. Diane's place was really nice & a great comfy place for a meeting, the food was great and so was the vino.