Saturday, April 16, 2011

TIMAC Socal Regional Meeting, April 15, 2011

Instead of frantically finishing up our taxes on April 15th, we had a wonderfully relaxing TIMAC Socal Regional Meeting hosted by Liela Rosemberg at Culver City Adult School. Leila provided us with breakfast bagels at the beginning of the meeting which started at 10:00AM, and sandwiches and cookies for lunch!

In attendance were Leila Rosemberg, Jesse Gonzales, Michael Lewis, Sean Abajian, Ian Batstone, Susan Coulter and Blair Roy. Each person shared how their project plans were going. 

Jesse has been helping his mentee create a Weebly website at Jesse said he has seen his mentee’s confidence grow as they have worked together on this project. His mentee has learned how to add links, pictures, PowerPoint presentations and text for latest news and updates for students. The next stage is for Jesse’s mentee to teach another teacher how to create a Weebly web page.
Ian has been working with two mentees. They have been creating lesson plans for use in their computer lab based on EL Civics and ESL curriculum. The plan is to upload these newly created lessons to a Weebly web site. They are also planning to add their lesson plans to OTAN’s Lesson Plan Builder. (
Michael continues to make progress and great inroads with his vision project. He has created an informative wiki at that highlights his project, introduces his mentees and some of the partipants. Michael has organized and documented his progress throughout the year with his wiki which he learned to create at the first TIMAC meeting in October 2010. Michael was invitied to present his project at COABE/CCAE in San Francisco.
Sean has been busy developing quizzes to use with his student’s “feature” cell phones to extend learning activities beyond the classroom. Sean presented his activities and ideas for how to use cell phones with adult ESL students at the Technology and Distance Learning Symposium this past February. Sean and his students will be featured in an OTAN video demonstrating the use of mobile devices to be added to the OTAN web site this summer. He is participating in a hyperlocal blog and posting videos on edtechsean’s You Tube channel at He arranged to have Echo Park Film Center bring their mobile bus to the school to have the students create a digital storytelling project addressing the idea of what they want to see changed in the world. Sean is also working on his school’s website using WordPress.
The classroom had a computer with a projector so everyone was able to share their projects. It was a great meeting with lots of wonderful information shared, support offered for all, great hospitality and food!

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