Monday, May 16, 2011

Cohort 7 Training and Report Days - Days 4 & 5

It was a great mix of training, learning and sharing on the topics of social media for building community and collaboration, modeling positive online presence and creating Web enhanced resources for teachers and students. Other topics included cell phones for education, transitioning learners into workplace and post-secondary education, and screening learners for vision difficulties.

All of the materials can be found at

Here are a few comments by the CDE consultants who attended:

Dear Marian et. al.,

Another great TIMAC. The presentations this year really brought us up-to-date, and they were also very entertaining with the addition of humor and dancing!

Kudos to you and all the amazing staff at OTAN.

Diane Hurley

Hi Marian,

Thank you for inviting us to the TIMAC presentations today. They were wondereful and very informative. OTAN has done a superb job creating a learning community where participants are very engaged and supportive of one another. The relationships formed at TIMAC will be long lasting and pay real dividends down the road! Great job, OTAN.

... It...allowed us the opportunity to engage our programs at a time when we are not able to travel and maintain that connection.

Take care,
Steve Schwendimann


Ian Batstone said...

Thanks Diane. A little song and dance never hurt. -Ian Batstone

Ian Batstone said...

Thanks for all the pictures! And memories that bring melodies... that whisper in my heart...

ss said...

Truly a memorable experience with the best group ever! I have learned so much from each and every one of you and I have so much to take back to my school site. I wish all of you the best and I hope to stay connected...via technology and hopefully we can meet up at one of the meetings or conferences! Enjoy a fun-filled summer! Sharon Ram