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TIMAC at 2011 CCAE COABE National Conference

Photo by Brian Castagne from Project Read at the San Francisco Public Library
This year we had another excellent opportunity to experience a national conference in our own
‘backyard’. The joint national conference between California Council for Adult Education (CCAE)
and Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE) titled Literacy to Work; Adult Education for
the Global Economy gave conference attendees the option to participate in a wide and
impressive range of professional development workshops and networking events.

Throughout the conference we spotted the following TIMACers:

    TIMACers at COABE, April 19 2011
  1. David Doneff
  2. Andria Keiser
  3. Kathleen Bywater
  4. Leif Williams
  5. Michael Lewis
  6. Frances Frazier
  7. Susan Briggs
  8. Susan Guzzeta
  9. Wayne Miyahara
  10. Suzanne Ludlum

Also super mentors:
  1. Susan Gaer
  2. Francisca Wentworth
  3. Blair Roy
  4. Penny Pearson

It was invaluable to have the opportunity to have a few meals together and longer
conversations in a relaxing atmosphere.

About the conference

To paraphrase the introduction to the program book by the planning committee, there were
many fascinating programs, keynotes, activities, and special events for our professional
development and enjoyment. And we walked away with many new ideas and continue
benefiting from that learning well beyond this conference. Dr. Frank Benest, one of the keynote
speakers, addressed the conference theme - Literacy to Work: Adult Education for a Global
Economy - and set the stage for the plenary workshops and breakout sessions to follow.

It was difficult for us to choose which session to attend! During the plenary sessions we got a
chance to participate in one of the four Inquiry Areas and then chose if we would like to go to
the breakout sessions related to that particular inquiry area, or selected from sessions related
to Public Policy, Post-Secondary Transitions and Student Re-entry, Distance Education,
Workforce Development, Advocacy and Marketing, Program Management and Improvement
and much more.

During Tuesday‘s opening session we heard from Cheryl Keenan, Director of the U.S.
Department of Education's Division of Adult Education and Literacy in the Office of Vocational
and Adult Education,

Wednesday afternoon featured an opportunity for us to again meet in Inquiry Area groups to tie
together concepts we had been working with over the past three days.

Some of our SF Bay Area TIMACers and their schools put combined thousands of hours of
volunteer time into preparing for this memorable conference. For example, Martinez Adult Ed, where Leif Willams is from, created fun decorations representing parts of San Francisco.

Decorations by Martinez and Mt. Diablo Adult Ed

TIMAC presentations and awards:

Wayne Miyahara received Excellence in Teaching Award for the South Coast CCAE Region

A page from the booklet from the CCAE Awards Breakfast on April 20, 2011

Kathy Bywater presented in:

Transitioning English Learners into Health Care Career Classes
Are your health care career students having difficulty because their English skills aren't strong
enough? Try implementing a bridge class! Learn how one adult school created a bridge class to
prepare English learners to be successful in their health care career classes. Step-by-step
program guidance is provided in this presentation.

Megan Brown, EL Civics Coordinator/ESL Teacher, Riverside Adult School, Riverside, California
Kathleen Bywater, Career Technical Education Coordinator, Riverside Adult School, Riverside,

Kathy Bywater accepted the Partners in Adult Education Excellence award on behalf her program, Riverside Adult School and Air Force Village West Skilled Nursing Facility.

Michael Lewis co-presented in:

Sensory Processing in the Modern Classroom
What do your students physiologically experience during near-point work? Learn to recognize a
sensory processing problem. Feel your dominant sense override all others in this hands-on
workshop. Pair off to practice screening and sensory development activities. One in four have a
hidden processing problem. Is this a factor for your learners?
Michael Lewis co-presenting, while Frances Frazier and David Doneff are in audience

Presenter: Leslie Peters, Author/Producer, Sensory Processing - Video Courses for Online

This was an exceptional professional development event, indeed!

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