Monday, September 12, 2011

A TIMACer Doing Green Volunteer Work

Suzanne Ludlum, Cohort 4, participant from Oakland Adult School, wrote about her recent experience in Solarthon 2011 with the goal to  install multiple solar electric systems in a local neighborhood in partnership with low-income homeowners.

Greetings, my friends. Thanks for coming through and donating to Solarthon 2011. Together with you, all the volunteers like myself and the corporate teams, we raised $280K for Alternative Grids. In addition to installing 13 solar electric systems in Bayview Hunter's Point yesterday, these funds support the Laney College Green Jobs Program/Plowshares.

I worked on the Women's Build -- it was so great to work with young women who are leaders in the Green Movement/Green Wave! I was part of the ground team, responsible for installing the inverter, testing the panels, and helping to get the panels on the roof (2-story).

Here are two pictures: One the happy home owner excited when the inverter was turned on and her panels beginning to feed the grid! The other is the inverter team looking proud of our hard work.

Thanks so much for being part of this effort. It was a beautiful day for sure.
Happy homeowner at Solarthon 2011, by Suzanne Ludlum
Suzanne Ludlum's team after installing a solar panel

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