Thursday, November 10, 2011

Barry's Site Visit with Farzana at Evans Community Adult School

I visited Farzana at Evans Community Adult School in the heart of Los Angeles. Evans is the Division of Adult and Community Education's flagship site. Farzana is currently teaching computer applications classes. Farzana is very proud of her new StarBoard-a very "short throw" overhead-projected interactive white board. Due to the physical layout of her room, and the
fact that with her new StarBoard she has two projection methods, Farzana finds that the optimal use for her StarBoard is small group instruction. Her older ceiling-mounted projector is still useful for whole-group instruction as the screen is more centrally located in the classroom.

Farzana also has started to get very good results from her exploratory survey asking for faculty to participate as her mentees. She is getting great support from her administrators too. There are some natural projects for her to develop arising out of recent technology acquisitions at her school: every classroom has a new technology cart with a laptop, a document cam, and an LCD projector. Do you think that there might be some technology mentoring needed by at least one or two teachers?

Barry Bakin

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