Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Susan's Site Visit with Francisco at Chaffey Adult School

November 18, 2011
As I drove into the parking lot, I noticed that there were two distinct schools. On the left was Chaffey Adult School and on the right was Alternative Studies Chaffey Community Day School. I met initially with Eileen Watson and Dave Berry. Their administrator, who had nominated Francisco Lopez for TIMAC, had left the adult school, and they wanted to know about OTAN, TIMAC, and how Francisco was involved.
I learned from Dave and Eileen that the school had recently received a Policy to Performance (P2P) grant to support college and career readiness for low-skilled adults and adult learners. Their program is called “From Here to Career”, and they currently have 63 students in their program. They are using an online program called Career Cruising. They shared their online program and their excitement for the program, but they had been running into some problems with contacting students and getting students to actively use the program.
Francisco arrived and immediately stepped in to provide support. In the end, Eileen and Dave volunteered to be his mentees. They were amazed by the technology and support available to them through OTAN. Before we left the office, Francisco had a good idea about what his TIMAC project would involve and some great ideas to accomplish it.
Francisco then gave me a tour of his campus. We began with a tour of the CASAS eTesting room adjacent to the front office. Students are immediately tested upon enrollment. Next we visited the computer lab, which is located across the parking at the Chaffey Community Day School. There is a good relationship between the two schools. The adult school hopes to use the lab for more staff development in the future. Francisco also explained to me that they like to distinguish themselves as Chaffey Adult School.
We then visited several classrooms, which all had Smartboards and document cameras. The adult school has two additional computer labs. We went first to see the Microsoft Office Lab where I met Gail Cirilo who talked briefly about her class. We then visited the Career Technical Education Computer Lab, which is the newest lab. My tour ended with a quick visit to Francisco’s two classrooms. Francisco is excited about his TIMAC project, and his love of technology is apparent.

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