Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Susan's Site Visit with Lupe at El Monte-Rosemead Adult School

November 14, 2011
Lupe Lozano met me in the school lobby, and our first stop was the ESL Computer Lab. There I met Sara Shapiro, who nominated Lupe for TIMAC. She was pleased and very excited to have Lupe part of TIMAC. The school recently installed Eno Interactive Whiteboards, and Lupe will be helping train teachers on how to use them in the classroom.
Later, I was delightfully surprised to meet Bruce Patnou, one of her mentees, and Vicki Moreno, resource specialist. Bruce wanted to know a little more about being a mentee, since technology was not something that comes naturally to him, but he so wants to learn. We reassured him that Lupe would be there to support him. Lupe also has two other mentees, Mary Laffey and Jesse Veliz who were not able to be there.
ESL students spend an hour and a half each week in the computer lab. Lupe shared some of the many software programs they use with their ESL students, which include All-Star, Triple Play Plus, Side-By-Side, Mousercise, and Tux Typing.
Next I was given a grand tour of their amazing site. First we visited the Basic Computer Skills Lab. Students must learn basic computer skills before moving on to a specialized area of computer training. We peeked into the Microsoft Office PC lab during class and then visited the Microsoft Office Mac Lab.
We strolled down the hall to Business Occupations where we met Annette Felix, an accounting instructor. She wanted to know about OTAN and TIMAC, and then she gave us a tour of several business labs and told us about the classes that were taught in each lab. Our tour ended in the Telephone Techniques classroom.
Next Lupe took me to visit the Industrial Technology Department Machine Shop. Some of Lupe’s ESL students take a machine shop class in the morning and her class in the afternoon. I was very impressed with the items designed by students. There was even a lab in the Machine Shop!
We visited ABE, GED, High School Diploma, and CAHSEE Prep classrooms, which all provided varying levels of technological support for teachers. Our last stop was the ESL wing where I got to visit Lupe’s classroom. Lupe shared her Eno board and the many things it could do. We talked about her project and the support she will need. Lupe has some great ideas, and she is excited to put those ideas into action. It was a nice ending to a wonderful afternoon with Lupe.

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