Thursday, November 03, 2011

Barry's Site Visit with Wilder at Rowland (Heights) Adult and Community Education

I visited Wilder November 3rd at the Rowland Adult and Community Education computer lab where he brings his class once a week from their branch location. He has one several confirmed mentees already, and a firm idea on what his project will be. Congratulations to Wilder for a good start!

The computer lab is very well appointed with an interactive white board built into the wall of sliding white boards and would otherwise be unused in the evening at the time that Wilder teaches his branch class. Wilder's students carpool over because they are very happy to have access to the computer-based instruction that he provides. Wilder certainly deserves
kudos for taking the initiative in optimizing his school's technology resources while delivering desired and needed technology and language instruction to a student population that wouldn't otherwise have access to it.

Barry Bakin

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