Thursday, December 08, 2011

Branka's Site Visit with Christine at Mt. Diablo Adult Education

Christine is working closely with her coordinators, administrators and ABE/ASE colleagues to expand their menu of options of hardware and software for technology in the ABE/ASE/GED departments with document readers and interactive white boards, which include the STAR White Boards and the Dymo Mimio. Some other options include teaching a lesson with some of the new software such as READON, or using one of the many educational websites to supplement teaching and learning.

The first step Christine has implemented is to conduct an ‘environmental study’ to determine how the placement of equipment in the room affect the success of integrating it into instruction. She has developed a questionnaire specific to their local set of factors and will collect and present results to the administrators. 

The next step is to offer training on the three main types of equipment and accompanying software.

The final step is to develop lesson plans and activities that work for individual teachers, their subject matter and their learners. Christine has her work cut out for the rest of the year. And all of this in addition to organizing and facilitating a local GED teachers network.

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