Friday, December 02, 2011

Susan's Site Visit with Sandra at Poway Adult School

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting Sandie Aveni-Pohlman at her site, Poway Adult School. This is a relatively new site for Poway; but before moving across town, they planned ahead and invested in technology for their new site. Every classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, and document camera.

Sandie first showed me the new teachers’ workroom. She was especially excited about their new copy machine. She then introduced me to two of her mentors, Kara Valenzuela and Monica Dickenson. Kara is an ESL teacher, and Monica is a GED, ASE teacher. I also met Kathy Ditrapani who is the ROP Office Specialist and all-around support person for ASE, GED, and ESL programs.

Next, Sandie and Kara introduced me to Kathleen Porter, director of Poway Adult School. She was very excited about Sandie’s participation in TIMAC and is very supportive of her project. We visited the ESL computer lab where Sandie had set up a PowerPoint outlining and expressing her thoughts about her TIMAC project.

We talked a long time about her project and did some fine-tuning on some of her ideas. Her first and primary goal is to demystify technology and get all ESL teachers familiar with their new Eno interactive whiteboards. The lab is currently equipped with 16 computers plus a teacher’s station; however, they want to increase the number computers in the future.

The ESL classrooms are all equipped with an interactive whiteboard, document camera, a wireless clip-on microphone for the teacher, and another wireless microphone for student use. Taking the time and resources to invest in their technological infrastructure has really paid off for Poway.

My tour concluded with a visit to the ASE/GED classroom and lab and also a peek at the CTE Business Occupations and ROP lab. It was an amazing visit. Sandi has a great start on her TIMAC project and the enthusiasm for technology to support and inspire her mentees.

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