Thursday, December 08, 2011

Barry's Site Visit with Kristy at Oxnard Adult School

Site visit to Kristy! December 8, 2011. I visited her main campus site at Oxnard Adult School and her branch location site in Port Hueneme. Port Hueneme is the "west coast home of the Seabees." Oxnard and Port Hueneme are an interesting mix of military, agricultural and university communities (California State University Channel Islands is just next door in Camarillo). Kristy's main campus is in the middle of installing new wall-mounted short-throw LCD projectors in each classroom. So new, they're hanging on the walls but the cables hadn't been installed yet. Increasing teacher utilization of the new projectors and accompanying document cameras will probably be one component of Kristy's mentoring project.

Top picture - Kristy in her main campus classroom
Bottom set: Branch location classroom, iPhone under the document cam, personal interactive low-tech whiteboard, Activexpressions interactive classroom response device.

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