Friday, January 27, 2012

Susan's site visit with Tina at San Bernardino Adult School

When I arrived, Tina Long had just finished her last class of the day. We spent quite a while talking about her TIMAC project. A lot had changed for her since November, so we discussed several new options. Once we had a game plan for her TIMAC project, we were off for a grand tour of her amazing and colorful school.
Our first stop was the teachers’ break room. In addition to being a break room, it is also set up to serve the needs of teachers from satellite sites so they can access computer resources and enter their attendance.
Next, we visited the Student Transition Center where students receive help to complete resumes, search for jobs, fill out job applications, apply for college, apply for grants and financial aid, etc. We met Cecile Ramirez who explained that the center is a stepping-stone to students as they transition to the workplace or higher learning. Tina pointed out a computer with an adaptive mouse for students with special needs.
We stopped by to visit Judy Judilla, ESL/GED Program Specialist. She showed us two Mobile Computer Labs in her department, but she was most excited about their brand-new Mobile Computer cart, which she and Carmen Zapata shared with us.
I also had an opportunity to visit a couple of classrooms where I could see technology in action. Shuping Wang was using her Elmo document camera and Smartboard in her ESL classroom, and her students were actively engaged in their learning.
Next, we visited Priscilla Marabel in the Assessment Center, which is a multi-use testing center with 43 computers. Students come to the Assessment Center to take official GED practice tests and for periodic CASAS testing.
In one of the Business Occupations labs, we found Laurie Christie and Teresa Loftis working late. They both had new SmartBoards installed in their classrooms and they were excited to share the new features. The tray has a new look and their SmartBoards came with surround sound and teacher amplification system. We were just as excited to hear about all the cool things their boards could do.
We left the main building and headed for the Child Care/Parent Education Center. They shared with us three computers for the children. Each computer had a colorful childproof keyboard and matching mouse and headset in an animal theme. They said the children love them. I thought they were so cute.
Our last stop was to the Medical Occupations building where I got a look at their amazing medical classrooms, which combined the classroom and the clinical lab. We also had an opportunity to chat with Carita Dickson, LVN instructor, who is doing some amazing things with technology.
San Bernardino Adult School is truly embracing technology in the classroom.

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