Monday, April 02, 2012

Regional Meetings in March 2012

So Cal Meeting took place on Friday, March 23 in Baldwin Park 11:30-2:00
Present F2F: Sandi, Farzana, Wilder, Richard, Lupe, Francisco, Abdel, Susan, Barry, Ryan
Online: Kristi, Branka

Face-to-face participants did updates on their plan but not until they donned on a set of headphones so that they could be heard in the online meeting room where Kristi and Branka listened in. Kristi was the first one to give an update while sitting in an office at Pepperdine and getting ready for a class. There was a video feed coming from another computer in Susan’s classroom and a few others were in the meeting room on their mobile devices. All in all, a pretty impressive example of using technology to connect, share and engage in PD. We talked about deliverables for the rest of the school year.

Nor Cal Meeting took place on Thursday, March 23 in Campbell 10:45-1:30
Present F2F: Christine, Heather, Pamela, Branka
Online: Mato

We reported out on the progress of our projects. Then the conversation went in the direction of using Google Docs for collaborating with colleagues and learners. Pamela showed us some examples of how teachers at JVS manage attendance and projects on ‘the cloud’. We also talked about the upcoming changes for GED testing and preparation. Another topic was about challenging and successes related to technology implementation as affected by the infrastructure and equipment at schools. 

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