Monday, October 08, 2012

Cohort 9 Training Days 1 & 2, October 4 & 5 2012

If you are a member of our Facebook group, please log in and say hello to our new Cohort 9 participants. We met last week for our two days of training. As usual, it was a great experience for all.
The content of the two days is compiled on our October training wiki page.

Here are a few multimedia highlights from the two days. We took lots of pictures, as usual.

It's always fun to look at the email notifications after our exercise with the wiki. Click on the image to see the original screenshot.

Activity on TIMAC wiki during the first day of training shows how busy we were:

We did not get to cover Google Forms, but we spent some quality time in Adobe Connect meeting room that we will be using throughout the year for monthly meetings. Interestingly, last year Cohort 8 started singing - more of an auditory group. This year, Cohort 9 started drawing and this is what they made.

And to add to this, Dr. Porter commented that this is one of the most artistic groups he's seen in the Road Map activity. Here's their work.

And here are our second annual video interviews after Walk Pair Share activity on the second day. If YouTube is blocked where you are viewing this, please check it out at home. The videos are short and interesting.

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