Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bethany's site visit with Leticia at Castro Valley Adult School

I had a great site visit with TIMAC mentor, Leticia Hernandez at Castro Valley Adult School (CVAS) on a beautiful sunny day in November. During my visit, I met with Leticia and her director to discuss her TIMAC project, toured the adult school campus, and had the opportunity to meet a few of Leticia's mentees. 

In a meeting with her director, Susie Passeggi, we discussed Leticia's mentoring project and the tremendous progress she has made in a few short months. Leticia's project involves training teachers on the use of the Mimio Interactive WhiteBoards (IWBs) that were recently installed in each classroom. Leticia has recruited ten mentee teachers from a variety of program areas including ESL, GED, CTE and AWD (Adults with Disabilities), has already conducted a number of face-to-face trainings, and is currently helping teachers use the IWBs in their classrooms.

Following our meeting with Susie, Leticia gave me a tour of the CVAS campus.  

Upper Campus
Lower Campus

In all of the classrooms, Leticia has posted detailed instructions on how to use the ceiling-mounted digital projector and Mimio Interactive WhiteBoard.

Overhead Projector Instructions
Mimio IWB Instructions
In one of the classrooms, Leticia showed me the website she created with Weebly after the TIMAC Training in October. She created the website to document her TIMAC project and provide a place for her mentees to access the lessons and training materials she's developed. The website includes an overview of her project, links to the lessons she's developed, information about her mentees, and a form for contacting her.

Leticia's Weebly Site

We wrapped up the site visit with a meeting with one of Leticia's GED teacher mentees, Megan G. Megan currently uses the Mimio IWB to record mini-lessons for her GED students and plans to post these lessons online for her students' reference. She also plans to use the Mimio Student Response System (aka "clickers") for informal assessment of her students. 

While meeting with Megan, I met AWD teacher, Mindy C. who recently used the Mimio IWB for the first time with her students. Leticia captured this lesson on video and posted it to YouTube and her Weebly page (below Mindy C.).

I was incredibly impressed by Leticia's progress on her TIMAC project and look forward to tracking her progress on the Weebly site!

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Branka Marceta said...

What a great use of Weebly to document your project!