Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Susan's site visit with Elaine at Escondido Adult School

This week I had the privilege of visiting with Elaine Moore from Escondido Adult School. Since Elaine works at a satellite site, I first stopped by the main site to look around and found the site a little unique.  There was a stream running down the interior walkway. After a quick visit, I was on to Orange Glen High School where Elaine teaches Intermediate-Low ESL.

We spent a long time talking about her TIMAC project and brainstorming ways to integrate her administrator’s goals into her project. Later we met with her administrator, Assistant Principal Allison Pickering. As we talked and once again brainstormed, Elaine’s TIMAC project came into focus. She is going to mentor other teachers in setting up their own Web sites using Google Sites. She was so excited about her project. 

We took a quick tour of the campus visiting their new computer lab, which is used by ESL teachers and their students. 

While I was getting ready to leave, we ran into Georgette, another ESL teacher. Elaine shared her excitement with Georgette who, on the spot, wanted to be one of her mentees. Elaine is now off to a good start on her TIMAC project.

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