Saturday, December 01, 2012

Barry's site visit with Martha at Culver City Adult School

I visited Martha Platt at Culver City Adult School on November 20th as well. There have been some changes there since my last visit for a different OTAN project.  One of the changes is that all of the ESL classes are not located in the main building. Moving so many classes into one building has definitely impacted the space. Martha  is moving forward with her project, which basically involves getting her participating teachers to use previously purchased software that goes along with the textbook series that is being used in all of the ESL classes.  This software is an electronic version of the book and is meant to be used as a presentation/instructional aid for teachers as they work with the textbook in the classroom.  The program allows each page of the textbook to be displayed using an LCD projector, but it has added functionality in that the teacher can make annotations on pages, access the media such as any audio directly from within the program (you don't have to use a separate audio CD for example), and save any notes or changes from lesson to lesson for use in a future instance of instruction. For Martha's project, she'll be working to create an optimal physical set up for utilizing the technology (making sure teachers can access a laptop, work the LCD, etc) and also training teachers in the software itself.

I did take some pictures of Martha with her colleagues and onsite, but a technology failure of my own has resulted in the loss of the images. But really, you can trust me on this, Martha is hard at work implementing her project and is on track to achieve her stated goals.

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