Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Leticia's site visit with Jennifer at Milpitas Adult Education Center

On Friday, November 15 2013, I had the honor of visiting Jennifer Gagliardi at Milpitas Adult Education Center. Jennifer teaches Level 1 ESL and Citizenship classes. As I arrived, Citizenship class was still in session. I had the opportunity to witness Jennifer in action. The lesson was on State Capitals. It was exciting to see a variety of teaching strategies being incorporated including a workbook, handouts and the overhead. Students were excited, engaged and participating.
When class ended, Jennifer and I got a chance to meet and discuss her TIMAC project plan. We discussed her two goals. The first and foremost is to implement Chromebooks into the ESL program. Instructors would like to be able to bring the Chromebooks into their classrooms and use them as a teaching tool. The second goal is to create a manual on proper procedures for instructors use. Some of the procedures would include a check-in/out system for the Chromebooks and instructor collaboration.
Jennifer has one mentee so far who is working on her Master’s program. She teaches Level 2 ESL and would like to use the Chromebooks as a teaching tool. Jennifer is looking forward to working with her.
My tour of the campus included a walk to the computer lab, the administration office where the chromebooks are stored and a walk through the school’s hallway. As we toured the hallway, I witnessed Jennifer’s labor of love. Almost the entire hallway was filled with postings of useful information for citizenship and ESL. As students walk through the hallways, they can take short quizzes to practice vocabulary and practice for the 100 question citizenship exam. I was most impressed with the colorful posters of information for food assistance programs.

I look forward to watching Jennifer’s project blossom in the next few months.

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