Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Barry's site visit with Carla at MiraCosta College Community Learning Center

I had the great pleasure to meet with Carla, her department chair Ruth Gay and one of her mentees, Ellen Fatseas, at the beautiful Community Learning Center in Oceanside.

We were able to firm up Carla's project plan for three projects.  The first project involves using NEO keyboards to introduce low-level literacy students to typing and word-processing as part of their EL Civics curriculum.  A lesson plan with a handout for students will be created that can be used by future classes.
The second project will involve the same handout to be created by the first mentee, but in the second project, a different mentee teaching a higher level class will make use of the handout and the NEOs to help them create longer writing projects because their computer lab time has been reduced this semester. When the class can access the lab, they'll work on the computers, when they cannot, they'll use the NEO keyboards.  That second mentee also would like to use PowerPoint with her students for creating simple presentations. Carla will work with her to create a lesson plan/handout for lower level ESL students in other classes to follow as they use PowerPoint in their classes.  In the third project, a level 5 teacher will be trained in using Storybird.com (a web-based writing platform) with her class.  Carla is off to a great start!

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