Thursday, November 21, 2013

Barry's site visit with Nicole at Oxnard Community Adult School

I had the great pleasure of visiting Nicole and her mentee, Wendy Batstone, at Oxnard Community Adult School. Joining us in the teachers' resource room was Oxnard Adult School Principal Judy Perkins (standing between Wendy and Nicole). As you can see, big smiles were the order of the day as Nicole, Wendy and Principal Perkins polished off the final touches to Nicole's project plan. In brief, Nicole will be helping Wendy develop a web page to be used by the volunteer literacy tutors in her training program to locate existing web-based literacy training resources that they can use for self-study as they improve their tutoring skills. The expectation is that the students in Wendy's program (the volunteer tutors) will be trained to access the new web page, identify topics of interest, and complete the self-study trainings on their own, as one-to-one time for direct training with Wendy is limited. A second goal of Nicole's project is to increase the number of volunteer tutors with positive attitudes for using technology and computers as an instructional tool. As it stands now, not all volunteer tutors affiliated with Oxnard Community Adult School express enthusiasm for using technology and computers as they instruct learners. Nicole and Wendy will strive to convert the "less than enthusiastic" into "enthusiastic" users of technology as a literacy instructional tool.

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