Thursday, November 21, 2013

Leticia's site visit with Carol at San Mateo Adult School

On Thursday, November 21, I had the pleasure of visiting Carol at San Mateo Adult School. As I walked into the main lobby, I was immediately greeted by Carol and the Assistant director, Tim Doyle. We had the opportunity to meet and discuss Carol’s project in detail. Carol would like to have teachers create videos of their lessons so students could access them at a later time. During the meeting, the computer tech joined us and offered useful ways of dealing with the logistics. He also had a clever idea regarding marketing these videos on the San Mateo website. If the information is on the main website it might not only get more views but bring browsers onto the San Mateo website as well.

Later, we went on a tour of the beautiful campus. Carol showed me her classroom and some of the lessons she uses on the SmartBoard, I was very impressed. Carol has at least 4 teachers she has in mind that would be willing to create some videos. Her hope is that once students start talking about these videos, more teachers will want to be involved.

Thanks for the nice visit!  

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