Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bethany's site visit with Sherri at Fresno Adult School

I had the pleasure of visiting with Sherri Watkins at Fresno Adult School (FAS) on Thursday, November 7, 2013. An alumna of OTAN's Teaching Academy (OTAC), Sherri returns to OTAN this year for more technology-focused professional development as a TIMAC Mentor.

I met with Sherri and her Vice Principal, Raine Bumatay in Sherri's ESL and U.S. Citizenship classroom. Raine shared her vision for a Citizenship website that would serve as a central resource for teachers, students and community partners in the Fresno area. After some discussion about the feasibility of such a large undertaking, it was decided that the project would have the narrower focus of providing government & citizenship EL Civics curriculum for FAS teachers.

Sherri will mentor and work with three teachers -- one of whom is a former TIMAC Mentor herself -- to achieve her project goals. She is exploring whether to use Weebly or Google Sites to develop the website and will work closely with her EL Civics Coordinator/Former TIMAC Mentor/Mentee, Susan Guzetta to identify appropriate materials and resources for the site.

With a clear project goal, the support of her administrator and three dedicated mentees, Sherri is on track to create a website that will improve accessibility to curriculum and encourage collaboration among FAS citizenship teachers.

Visit OTAN's Fall 2013 Online Connection to read an article about Sherri's participation in OTAN's 2012-2013 Teaching Academy (OTAC).

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Sherri Watkins said...

Good to see you Bethany! Thanks for your time and help in getting us on the right track! Looking forward to a great year with you.